Our CEO, Gerard Barron, had the privilege of being interviewed by CleanTechnica’s Johnna Crider. They spoke about The Metals Company’s mission: to source metals with the least environmental and societal impact and create a zero-carbon, circular economy. They discussed climate change and the need to transition to a clean energy economy and how millions of tonnes of nickel, copper, manganese and cobalt will be needed for wind turbines, electric transmission wires, electric vehicle batteries, steel structures and more. Gerard highlighted that sourcing these metals from polymetallic nodules compared to land ores have a much lower environmental and social impact because of their high grade, ability to be processed by renewable energy, and how they contain zero toxic waste, among other benefits.

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“As stewards of these rocks, we have made a couple of important commitments that ensure we leave as little impact as possible: We’re dead set on zero solid processing waste, so we designed a plant that delivers just that. We are dead set on using renewables for processing these rocks onshore, so this is a screening criterion we use to identify suitable sites around the globe. We must understand, avoid, and minimize our ocean impacts, so we have partnered with some of the world’s leading deep-sea scientists and are investing over $60 million into a comprehensive ocean science program. All findings will be peer-reviewed and published.”

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