The Metals Company was founded in 2021 through the merger of DeepGreen and the Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: SOAC), to scale our nodule collecting and onshore processing systems.

We produce metals from polymetallic rocks to power electric vehicles. For over a decade, we’ve been exploring the planet’s largest known deposit of battery-grade metals: nodules on the seafloor of the Clarion Clipperton Zone in the Pacific Ocean. During this time, our onshore team has developed and successfully run a metallurgical process to derive key battery metals from these remarkable rocks while generating zero solid processing waste.

Our team is made up of scientists, environmentalists, engineers, architects, and business leaders who see the climate crisis as the biggest challenge of our time. Electric vehicles and renewable energy are a key part of the solution, but scaling these technologies will require hundreds of millions of tons of new metals. Polymetallic nodules represent the cleanest source of battery grade metals on the planet and the best path forward.

Our Team

Erika Ilves

Chief Strategy Officer

Erika Ilves is an entrepreneur and seasoned strategy lead dedicated to creating the systems and conditions required to secure a safe future for the human species. She was co-founder of Offworld, an industrial robotics company, where she led a team of machine learning engineers to develop teachable mining robots, and was also co-founder of Shackleton Energy, where she developed an international public-private consortium to create technologies to extract water ice from the moon in order to fuel deep space missions from low Earth orbit, drastically reducing the costs of such missions. Erika’s 15 years of strategy consulting experience started with McKinsey & Company, where she served global and emerging markets financial institutions on strategy, performance and operational transformations; and later advised GCC governments and investors on transitioning to a green economy. Previously, Erika was an executive at videoconferencing technology firm TANDBERG (acquired by Cisco), where she was responsible for developing leadership and sales capability for the firm’s global sales force. At The Metals Company, Erika is working to build the world’s first vertically integrated clean energy ecosystem by establishing alliances with like-minded leaders in offshore, electric vehicles and renewable energy technology, as well as developing our transparent provenance strategy to enable The Metals Company to establish Clean Metals as a new purchasing category. She is fluent in English, Estonian, Russian and proficient in Danish and French.

Erika Ilves

Chief Strategy Officer
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