NORI-D Project – Nauru Ocean Resources Inc.

Nauru Ocean Resources Inc. (NORI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Metals
Company (TMC) and is developing the NORI-D deep-sea polymetallic nodule
collection project, located in the the international waters of the Clarion Clipperton
Zone (CCZ) of the Pacific Ocean. These nodules contain high concentrations of
nickel, manganese, cobalt and copper. In close partnership with the Republic
of Nauru and working with leading researchers and institutions, NORI has
developed a comprehensive seabed-to-surface research program.
To ensure transparency to our stakeholders, this site is designed to answer
questions about the NORI-D Project, its scope, environmental and social
research and assessments, governance and oversight, regulatory processes, and
community impact and outreach activities. We welcome your input and questions

Fast Facts About the NORI-D Project


was granted
contract in the
CCZ by the
Seabed Authority

NORI-D license area

Estimated to be world’s largest nickel deposit. Represents 22% of TMC’s estimated resource in the CCZ

Sponsored by the Republic of Nauru

NORI has conducted

17 offshore resource definition and environmental baseline campaigns, representing >470 research days on the NORI-D area to date

Decade-long research by NORI has resulted in one of the most comprehensive datasets ever compiled in the deep sea

Our Approach

NORI is implementing the NORI-D Project in multiple phases that are designed to enable seafloor mining systems to be tested before being gradually ramped up. This enables an adaptive approach to environmental management that incorporates extensive scientific research to help fully understand and address environmental impacts and provides the opportunity to learn at a smaller scale. As a result, NORI will apply these learnings as the development increases in scale. In addition, this phased approach facilitates project de-risking for relatively low initial capital investment.

Project Overview

Get details on the project’s location, scope, key milestones, project phases and more.

Environmental Impact

NORI is committed to making science-based decisions and choosing paths that will result in lower environmental impact. Learn more about our research findings here.

Social Impact

We are focused on creating shared value with developing countries through our business and, in particular, with our sponsoring state Nauru. We also are committed to choosing project pathways that lower negative social impacts and maximize social value. Click to learn more.

Regulatory Process

Developing a resource deemed common heritage of humankind requires us to embrace the responsibility that comes with it. We are developing a governance structure to ensure that we address key environmental and social risks and opportunities as we work toward commercial production.

The Vision: Lower-Impact Metals for Batteries

A 2021 study by the International Energy Agency notes that reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement would require a quadrupling of mineral requirements for clean energy technologies by 2040. Through the NORI-D Project, TMC seeks to supply lower-impact battery metals from the seafloor polymetallic nodules to support the transition to clean energy with the least possible negative environmental and social impact, and to accelerate the transition to a circular metal economy. Learn more.

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